Über mich

René Böhmer is a 19-year-old, internationally recognized, art- and documentary photographer. He was born in a small village in Austria, with lots of passion and an extraordinary amount of hard work, he managed to build a big network of influential contacts in the harsh world of art and photography, but he also stayed true to his concept of how an image should be. René believes in the true expression through a mastered craft, he believes in love and life, in a flying sensation of feelings released by letting time take over.

His techniques and materials used, are unmatched in quality and archival capability. All his prints, one of a kinds and also collector prints, are optically enlarged on the finest baryta paper, to ensure ever lasting enjoyment. Creating a fine photographic enlargement is an incredibly time and money consuming process, but thanks to René’s self acquired knowledge it became a creative and beautiful process which is as important in expressing what he felt at the time as the actual capturing of the image. All finished prints are selenium-sulfide toned and washed until they reach a thiosulphate level which falls into the norm of museums and galleries all around the world. Prints are framed and finished by the artist himself and with one of a kinds René offers a private, exclusive world-wide delivery.